Customized Mobile Cell Phone Screen Cleaners

Also for, Tablets & Laptops

Adhesive Screen Cleaners are both a fun and practical way to promote your business!

clean mobile phone screens

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Promotional Marketing Logo Imprinted Adhesive Screen Cleaners

LCD Microfiber Screen Cleaning Tools

With Adhesive Screen Cleaners, your potential customers can easily clean the LCD screens of all these digital devices-- iPads, mp3 players, laptops, Kindles, Nooks, tablets, iPhones and other smartphones.

Adhesive Screen Cleaners are designed with branding in mind, created to be printed with your company's information and key marketing details.

The Adhesive Screen Cleaner sticks to the device when not in use and highlights your company's brand, exhibiting your promotional marketing message to the public.

A Promotional Marketing Tool That's Always in Motion

Causing a stir at trade shows and other marketing events, the Adhesive Screen Cleaners are a well-received product for your company to promote your brand.

They quickly become the cleaning tool that no one want to do without-anywhere and everywhere that your customers and potential customers are using a digital device will suddenly become a platform for your brand.

The Adhesive Screen Cleaners are a splendid promotional marketing tool for use across varied industries from real estate offices, banks and computer stores to independently owned businesses, medical practices, marketing companies and sports teams.

Adhesive Screen Cleaner is designed with customization in mind, made to be imprinted with your company's branding and key promotional details. All of our screen-cleaning products are top-notch marketing promotional tools made to get your customized company information out there where your client base lives and works.

The Adhesive Screen Cleaners are a phenomenal promotional tool for use in many marketing campaigns whether in the manufacturing, trade/commerce associations, professional white collar world, government and so many other industries or venues.

Our screen-cleaning products are high-end marketing promotional tools, yet economically priced to get your promotional marketing information to your potential customers.

Adhesive Screen Cleaners can announce a new company's arrival on the scene or continue to build an already existing brand.

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These high quality microfiber cleaning pads are the best advertising product due to their practicality and visibility. They are a unique product, and are getting more popular every day. They are a phenomenal advertising tool for nearly any business, from banks and medical practices to computer and electronic stores to cell phone carriers and real estate offices.

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