Customized Mobile Cell Phone Screen Cleaners

Also for, Tablets & Laptops

Adhesive Screen Cleaners are both a fun and practical way to promote your business!

clean mobile phone screens

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The Adhesive Screen Cleaner is one of the hottest selling new promotional products to hit the market in decades!

When choosing a promotional product to market your business you want a product that is going to be seen and used regularly and not end up at the bottom of a drawer. In this day and age where everyone is spending countless hours using their cell phones, tablets or laptops, the Adhesive Screen Cleaner will give you the highest return on your marketing dollars because it always goes where your customer goes, and is seen where your customer is seen.

Nearly any business or organization- including sports teams, medical practices, banks, computer stores, real estate offices or mom-and-pop run businesses can utilize the Adhesive Screen Cleaners for their marketing and promotional outreach, using their rare promotional capability for such events as trade shows, in house promotions and corporate giveaways or private social gatherings.

They will quickly become an indispensable advertising promotional product for you.

Taking the digital world by storm, the Adhesive Screen Cleaners are the perfect promotional product for your company.

The Adhesive Screen Cleaners are a tool that will be used by your customers and potential customers repeatedly and are a great conversation starter and will bring your brand visual attention.

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The Adhesive Screen Cleaners are a tool that will be used by your customers and potential customers repeatedly. These high quality microfiber cleaning pads are one of the most practical advertising products due to their visibility and everyday use.

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